Networking Services

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There are lots of different devices that need access to your network these days. Where computers used to be the only devices that needed to be on your network, now its iPhones, iPads, Apple TVs, Blu-ray players, TVs, XBoxes, etc. All these devices are of limited use if they can’t connect effectively to a network. Without a reliable network, you won’t be able to access your email, collaborate with your team, backup your systems, access Netflix and more. Because of the almost invisible nature of our networks these days, too often users tend to overlook their network. Until it doesn’t work as well as they need it to.

Here at Call Andy! we view our clients’ networks as a foundational piece of technology which forms the basis for your entire computing experience. Using well established best practices, excellent vendors and our years of experience architecting, installing, and maintaining networks, we can design an office or home network that performs how you need it to.


Business or Home Networking

Regardless of where you need to access the Internet, we can can evaluate your site, determine potential bottlenecks to network traffic, and optimize connections both wired and wireless to ensure your devices are able to take full advantage of the network speed you’re paying your ISP for.

Best Practices for Networking

A major part of our success in designing and implementing solid networks comes from our insistence on the use of best practices. This means specifying high quality hardware and wiring. It means working with vendors and contractors whose approach mirrors our own. It means using configurations and technologies we know will work the first time. It means establishing security to keep you and your data safe online. The result is a solid, trust worthy network that truly does disappear in daily use.

Our Vendors

Don’t rely on the cable guy or friendly electrician to handle your wiring. All wiring is not created equal, and in order to ensure maximum throughput and consistent connections, network wiring requires specific skills and equipment. Call Andy! works closely with a variety of highly trained, specialized professionals with deep expertise in network wiring and home automation. Together, we’ll ensure your network is the best it can be.

Wired vs. WiFi Networks


In spite of the popularity and convenience of wireless networks, there is still a place for wired networking in most environments. A properly configured wired network can improve the performance of a wifi network and increase the reliability of all devices needing access to the network. The configuration and placement of wireless access points is equally important and we have the experience to enable you to get dependable wifi access wherever you need it.

Do It While Building or Renovating

The best time to build or upgrade a network is during new construction or renovations. Working with our recommended networking vendors, we can specify a robust network infrastructure which will provide enough flexibility and room for growth for the foreseeable future. If you (or someone you know) is planning a renovation or new construction, contact us early in the design process to be sure to get exactly the network you need.

The Reliance of iPads & iPhones on Wifi

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The explosion of Apple’s amazing iPads and iPhones has created huge demands on most wireless networks. Many computer users a also relying on laptops as their primary machine. Both of these trends require that your wireless network be configured to securely offer Internet access to all of your devices as fast as possible.


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