Client Alert #21: Flashback Trojan Virus


Hi! Recently there has been a bit of media attention surrounding a piece of malware dubbed the “Flashback Trojan Virus” that may have affected a large number of Macintosh computers. While this malware is indeed real and a concern, there are questions as to the sources of these claims and how widespread this virus actually is. At Call Andy! our initial assessment of the actual impact of this malware seems to be low, and you most likely aren’t affected. If you’d like to check we’ve included an application (click here) that will easily detect if your computer has been infected. Simply click on the link (where it says “click here”) to download the tool, unzip it, double-click on it and follow the directions.

It should be noted as well, that if your machine is infected with this malware, don’t panic! It isn’t doing much other than modifying banner ads and webpages that are displayed in your website. Macs are certainly never “bulletproof” against viruses or malware and one should always take precautions when entering in your admin password to make changes.

You can read more about it here:

If you ever have a concern about your security or something that is on your computer do not hesitate to call us, we’re happy to help.