Client Alert #15: Snow Leopard & Training Video


Mac OS 10.6 Snow Leopard

Once again, a new cat on has arrived and we’re sure you’re excited to try it. As always, we’re recommending a conservative approach when considering a newly-minted operating system. Over the years we’ve installed many solutions for clients, some simple others a bit more complex with each one having it’s own unique challenges. When evaluating a client for an operating system upgrade, we like to take a well thought-out and structured approach to ensure a stable and reliable result. We prefer a gradual and cautious approach to ensure that if issues arise I have the time to help each of you properly.

One important note is that Snow Leopard marks the end of Mac OS support for PowerPC processors – this means that the few of you left running G4 and G5 processors need to start planning for the replacement of those systems.

At the end of the day, know that as your consultants, we’re looking at these issues and many others on your behalf. I know we’ll be talking in the coming weeks about planning this upgrade for you.

As is our usual advice, we’re recommending that all our clients wait until Snow Leopard is updated to 10.6.1 and we’ve had an opportunity to see how it will affect your workflow.

If you have a spare, non-production system that’s capable of handling the upgrade you can install it on that system and take it for a test drive. The minimum system will be a Mac with an Intel processor, 1GB of memory, 5GB of available disk space and a DVD drive for installation.

If you’d like more information on Snow Leopard’s new features, please take a look at this link:

As always, please remember if you have a question you can always… Call Andy! (and Brendon, of course!)

Andy & Brendon featured on Apple video

Every once in a while we get to do some shameless self-promotion! Brendon and I were interviewed at Apple in January and sections of those interviews were included in a short video that touts the benefits of Apple Certification. It’s about 30 seconds long, and you can view it here: