Client Alert #13: Mac Trojan in Pirated Software


Dangerous Trojan for Mac Discovered

This applies ONLY to pirated/cracked software, so we hope it doesn’t affect any Call Andy! clients!

Intego Systems has released a pair of press releases detailing two new “trojan horse” installers which are circulating on the Internet, bundled in pirated copies of iLife ’09 and Photoshop CS4. These Trojans install software which will “call home” to a remote server, alerting it to the infection; from there, malicious users may connect to your machine and perform additional actions remotely.

You can read about it on Intego’s website here:

This Trojan is only delivered if a user authenticates to install the pirated software. The easiest way to avoid any concern of this type is to not download or use pirated software. If you believe that you may have accessed this software or are infected, call us to schedule a visit to clean your machine properly.