AndyCare!™ Managed Services


Organizations typically fall into a reactive “break-fix” IT model when they first start up. This "Time and Materials" approach means that their technology is basically taken for granted until there's a problem that impacts their ability to use it. This leads to unpredictable IT costs and, in the case of more serious, show-stopping problems, the recovery costs can be quite high, including unplanned equipment replacement, increased IT labor costs, lost data, lost productivity, lost revenues, and even lost customers or clients.

AndyCare! is a “holistic”, or "Managed IT" solution, the opposite of break-fix. AndyCare! gives you priority access to our engineering team when you need it, not just during an emergency, and it includes a suite of tools and services that, working together, allow Call Andy! to proactively manage your Macs, servers, and network, keeping them at peak performance and helping us to prevent otherwise avoidable problems from occurring in the first place. The predictable monthly expense of a “managed services” model allows your organization to level out its annual IT spend.

Additionally, we become your strategic IT partner, meeting with you regularly to discuss the state of your business, not simply the technology that you're using. 

Historically, proactive IT services were only available to large enterprises, but Call Andy! now offers the managed services model to small and medium-sized Mac-using businesses, Mac-using departments within PC-based enterprises that need Mac-specific expertise, and even select residential clients.

We use a combination of specialized tools to remotely monitor how your systems are running, which gives us advanced warning about many issues that can lead to more serious problems.

These include:

  • Impending drive failures
  • Insufficient disk storage
  • Incomplete backups
  • Out-of-date server software
  • Network performance and other network issues
  • Computer performance issues
  • Malware, Adware & viruses

We also keep your operating system and other software up-to-date automatically, which means less time is spent on remote support and onsite visits.

AndyCare! is customized for each client based on a variety of criteria that we discuss with you after evaluating your systems and needs. Each AndyCare! plan includes access to our Helpdesk, as well as regular onsite visits by your primary Call Andy! Apple-certified engineer.

AndyCare! Advantages:

  • Because AndyCare! is billed monthly, it offers a much more predictable IT spend for your annual budget.
  • 24x7x365 Remote Monitoring & Management Services for your network and computers, with customized alerts.
  • 24x7x365 access to our Ticket Entry and Tracking Portal.
  • With proactive maintenance, your computers will always have the latest security updates and bug fixes.
  • Proactive network management.
  • You’ll benefit from fewer unexpected technology-related problems and much less downtime, increasing your productivity and saving you money in the long run.
  • Rapid response to and management of incidents, with accurate diagnosis and resolution.
  • Formal escalation process with SLG (Service Level Goals) for each response level.
  • Priority access to our engineering team.
  • Regular onsite visits by your primary Call Andy! Apple-certified engineer for proactive and preventative maintenance, and periodic re-evaluation of your systems and network.
  • Regularly scheduled Quarterly Business Reviews and/or Annual Business Reviews
  • Staffed Helpdesk for covered services during standard business hours.
  • Documentation, including network design, contacts at all levels, alert policies, response policies, common problems, response history.
  • Call Andy! is primarily Mac-focused, so you’ll be getting the benefits of the deep expertise on Apple systems that we’ve become known for.

What AndyCare! Doesn’t Cover:

  • Protection from Acts of God and Terrorism.
  • Projects, including but not limited to (for example): company moves; upgrades, including server(s), workstation hardware, email systems, and backup systems. This work is billable at our usual hourly rate.
  • Hardware repairs. This service is available at our hourly rate, but it is not included under AndyCare!
  • Hardware purchases and storage. You will be given information on what hardware to purchase and where to purchase it from, as needed, but you will order it and store it and any unused equipment yourself.

You already have a full time job. Let Call Andy!’s experienced, Apple-certified professionals do your IT.