The Call Andy! Team

Andy Espo Derek Braunschweiger“Eric

Andy Espo • Mac Guy

  ACTC Apple Certified Technical Coordinator
  ACSP  Apple Certified Support Professional
  ACN Apple Consultants Network member
  ACN MTC Mobility Technical Competency
  ACN MSM Mac OSX Security & Mobility
  ACN Advisory Council Member Emeritus
Microsoft Office for Mac Accredited Support Professional


In 1988 Andy Espo was running an special event production company in Boston, MA when the need for computers pushed him into a decision; “At that point, the choice was between DOS and Mac… and it was a pretty easy decision!” His interests in technology to that point had included professional audio, video, theatrical lighting and scenery and he dove into Macintosh, first succeeding in automating his business, then starting to help other businesses with their Macs as his reputation grew. In January of 1998 Andy made the transition to full-time “Mac guy” with his company, Call Andy! Macintosh Consulting. Now in its 16th year, Call Andy! Macintosh Consulting retains an array of clients in the business, public relations, marketing, architecture, advertising and design sectors. Andy is an Apple Consultants Network member, and is an ACN Advisory Council Member Emeritus. Contact Andy »

Fun Fact: In 1987, Andy invented a portable drive-in movie system and was granted  a patent for it: US 4705355 A.

Derek Braunschweiger • Senior Systems Engineer

  ACDT Apple Certified Desktop Technician
  ACSP Apple Certified Support Professional
  ACMT Apple Certified Macintosh Technician
  ACPT Apple Certified Portable Technician
  CCA JAMF Software Certified Casper Administrator
  CMA JAMF Software Certified Mobile Administrator

Originally a PC advocate, Derek Braunschweiger became a “switcher” in 2005 while attending Berklee College of Music. After quickly becoming the go-to person amongst students, he was hired by Apple Inc. in 2006 as a Genius Administrator, then transitioning to a Genius position. Using his technical and customer service skills, he led many Genius teams to attain stellar repair and customer satisfaction goals company-wide. He then moved on to the educational market, coordinating and deploying systems as well as advising system configuration for local school systems. He brings his friendly service and funny personality to those in need of assistance. Contact Derek »

Fun Fact: Derek’s first job after high school was working on the road crew and performing with the Raspberries during their 2004-2005 reunion tour. He set a record by being the youngest person to ever appear on VH1 Classic (age 19 at the time).

Eric Prescott • Systems Engineer

  ACSP Apple Certified Support Professional
  ACMT Apple Certified Macintosh Technician
  ACN Apple Consultants Network member

Eric Prescott first learned about computers on an Apple II in his grade school computer lab, but his first computer as a teenager was a hand-me down PC running DOS. With some ingenuity, that PC got him through most of his time at the University of California, Los Angeles, after he started building systems for himself and friends and breaking this new thing called Windows over and over again to see how it worked. As malware became more and more a part of daily life, this eventually also led to countless system restores.
In 2002, with the advent of OS X and some really cool-looking, malware-free hardware, Eric switched to Mac and never looked back. An early adopter, Eric has had an iPhone and iPad since generation 1, as well as the first Apple Watch. Self-taught on Mac OS X and iOS as he was with Windows, he put these technical and troubleshooting skills together with his many years of customer service experience and went to work at Apple’s Genius Bar in 2011. There he quickly got into the groove of unflappably assisting customers with speedy resolutions to their myriad technical issues.
2014 brought Eric new adventures as a consultant to area startups and other small businesses, government departments, and private clients. The work reacquainted him with Windows and taught him a lot about networking, servers, and corporate clients in general. He joins Call Andy! with this diverse background, happy to re-focus on the Apple ecosystem and serve our customers, whatever their technology needs. Contact Eric »
Fun Fact(s): Eric spent a few years in Hollywood writing, producing, and directing short films and features, reaching several festivals with one short and an optioning a screenplay with one production company before moving away to Boston with his wife, Jen.

Kat Barry • Manager of Finance & Administration

Kat holds a degree in accounting from Boston College, as well as two Masters degrees from Lesley University. She has been a bookkeeper and consultant for over seven years. Kat is originally from Kansas City. Contact Kat »